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628 Debarker


The Morbark 628 Debarker was developed to debark logs from 6" to 28" (15.24 cm - 71.12 cm) in diameter. Using the patented Morbark Debarking Principle, the 628 features a floating cutterhead and variable speed feed rate that removes not only bark, but also nubs and knots from hardwood and softwood. The 628, like other models, also will debark stringy-barked species, such as cedar and cypress, with ease. Frozen or dirty logs are effectively debarked by the 628, making it ideal in northern climates and other less-than-ideal conditions.

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628 Debarker
Length (with infeed and outfeed sections)44', 13.4 m
Width (debarker section)11'5", 3.48 m
Height (debarker section)10'3", 3.12 m
Weight (debarker section)9,000 lb, 4082 kg
Infeed weight (standard)5,000 lb, 2268 kg
Outfeed weight (standard)4,500 lb, 2041 kg
Capacity (diameter range)6" - 28" diameter, 15.2 cm - 61 cm
Production rateup to 60 lineal feet/minute, up to 18 m/min
EngineElectric or diesel
Horsepower (electric)50 hp, 75 hp, or 100 hp, 37.3 kW, 55.9 kW, or 74.6 kW
Horsepower (diesel)140-185 hp, 104.4-138 kW
Auxiliary power50 hp, 37.3 kW
Infeed conveyor20' (6.1 m) trough-type with WD-110 chain and hydraulic drive; heavy-duty log stops
Outfeed conveyor20' (6.1 m) trough-type with WD-110 chain and hydraulic drive and outfeed dump
Other Features
  • Dumps either right or left
  • Front yoke set at 10°
  • Hydraulic shoe for bark removal depth
  • Hydraulic top wheel is adjustable and back wheel is fixed
  • Table lock assembly
  • Trough conveyors constructed from 0.6" (1.6 cm) panning in lieu of 0.5" (1.3 cm)
  • 13" (33 cm) track type chain in lieu of WD-110
  • 0.8" (1.9 cm) UHMW Duralite wear strip mounted in conveyor pan for chain to ride on
  • Elevated operator’s console, complete with access ladder, seat, and hose hook-up
  • All-weather operator’s cab. Cab is 54" wide x 58" long x 6'8" tall (137.2 cm x 147.3 cm x 2 m) and includes two side windows for cross ventilation
  • Side-mounted combination air conditioner/heater unit for cab enclosure
  • Hoses are provided to position operator’s console approximately 4' (1.2 m) from the debarker center section. Cab positions requiring longer hoses are available.
  • Longer outfeed or infeed trough
  • Auxiliary Hydraulic Pumps operated off 50-hp (37.3 kW) Electric Motor (motor not included) to facilitate independent drive on infeed and outfeed conveyors and to operate additional material handling equipment (note: this makes all hydraulics separate from cutterhead)
  • 16° Yoke setting for high speed debarking up to 16" (40.6 cm) diameter logs
  • 4-arm manual kickers with dual cylinders
  • Additional 3-arm manual kickers
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